Rear Apron, 1945-55, no exhaust cut-out holesRear Apron, 1945-55, no exhaust cut-out holes

Rear Apron, 1945-55, no exhaust cut-out holes

Perfect reproduction rear apron for pre-55 Beetle without exhaust holes. Precision stamped, this reproduction is a master piece. Made with the correct gauge metal our rear aprons have a more than perfect fit. Look at the pictures showing them in bare metal... as they are sold. Nothing to hide!

As you can see the rubber seal channel is already welded to the rear apron. Rear valance is also inlcuded, just need to be welded.

Be careful with cheaper reproductions available from eastern Europe. Yes they are cheaper but... they are not even close to our precisely stamped absolutely perfect rear aprons!!!! Do you really want to save some bucks in an inferior quality part to remove it later, having to spend hundreds on dollars in body work? Do it right the first time!

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