Rear Bumper, 1949-52Rear Bumper, 1949-52

Rear Bumper, 1949-52

Rear bumper, 1949-52 Beetle. You are buying a 100% exact factory specification, show quality, German made ribbed bumper. Chrome is done locally in the US by a very famous vintage car chrome shop. It doesn't get any better! Other shops are selling the raw bumpers for the same price.

We also have German made bumper guards, same excellent quality. These are also stamped German pieces, not welded from two halves like other guards being offered in the market. Available both raw and chrome.

NOTE: Be careful with overseas seller trying to offer reproduction bumpers for less than the price of ours. Those are made in eastern Europe and are not even close to our perfect German bumpers. Don't let the initial price confuse you... how much will it be in the end after shipping and custom fees? You will probably end up paying more for an inferior quality product. Do it right the first time!

  • Bare : L707171R
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  • Chrome : L707171aR
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