Taillight Brackets (Bulbholders), 1949-52Taillight Brackets (Bulbholders), 1949-52

Taillight Brackets (Bulbholders), 1949-52

Perfect reproduction taillight brackets/bulbholders for your Split Beetle. VW/Hella/Part numbers stamped, just like originals. Perfect fit, perfect threads, made of correct 16 gauge sheet metal. Although originals were single filament (running lights only) we are also offering a DUAL FILAMENT option for those customers who don´t want to worry about having to run an extra brake light. Yes, you can now have both running and stop lights in your taillights! And that for only $35 extra.

  • Dual Fil. : L945101RDF
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  • Single Fil. : L945101RDF
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