Window Winder Handles, solid style, 1945-49Window Winder Handles, solid style, 1945-49

Window Winder Handles, solid style, 1945-49

Do you own a 49 or earlier Split Beetle? Then you surely know these are the kind of handles you need for your car. Originals are impossible to find nowadays and if you can find them, they will surely be beyond restoration. Here you can get a set of new perfect reproduction pre-49 "solid" style interior window winders with VW stampings. These replicate the originals in every way. Same size (no shrinkage), fit and look. Our handles are made of the same material VW used back in the 40s. Bakelite knobs are the dark brown style found on the very early cars only. But you can also choose black or ivory knobs if you prefer too.

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  • Ivory : L818031R
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