Back in 2002 when we started our  business restoring a Split Beetle was a real challenge! If you are here then you probably know how different pre-53 VWs are from later cars. You could find some original parts here and there but there was no business that had a complete line of products that would help you complete your car. Well, that is what we have been trying to fix all these years.

We were able to achieve some pretty decent results but that wouldn't have been possible without the Internet (and the eternal support of our loyal customers, of course!).

Today, we are the international reference when it comes to parts for Split and early Oval Window Beetle. After many years of hard work, we are now able to supply almost every part you will need to restore your vintage VW. Our inventory consists not only of carefully selected original parts but also oh high quality reproductions which are only offered and manufatured by us and that are not commercialized by any other companies.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will be more than happy helping you in the overwhelming task of restoring your early VW. There is lots of information we have collected over the past years and we just love to share it with all our fellow VW nuts.